Below are some of our recent hunting holiday testimonials

I just returned yesterday from a trip to Ireland. My daughter and I had the honor to hunt with East Galway and Galway Blazers on Saturday and then hunt with the Roscommon Hunt on Sunday. Wow what an experience. We worked with Oliver Walsh on this trip. He was wonderful and his horses could not have been better. Totally sound and sane draft crosses. We jumped ditches and huge stone walls. We were out 4 hours each day. Everyone over there went out of their way to be nice to us. mroetter on Chronicle of the Horse March 3, 2010

We expected a great horse-riding holiday with two hunts, and all our expectations were more than fullfilled! It was a pleasure to meet Oliver and all the other nice people at Flowerhill. Every horse we rode were just amazing! The best hunts of our lifetime! And the best holiday you can imagine! We simply had a great time! And we will be back soon! Thats a promise! Thanks for everything!
Lucie, Gabi & Thomas, Munich, Germany, December 2009

We speak of nothing else!.......Hunting is the most fun either of us have ever done and Flowerhill just has to be the best place on earth!
Vicky & Ruth, Norway, August 2009

My boyfriend Pete and I spent an amazing few days in Flowerhill where we not only rode around the fabulous cross-country course (well if it’s good enough for Lucinda Greene!!!) but also hunted on the Saturday and Sunday with the East Galway and Roscommon hunts respectively. To say that it was the most exhilarating experience would be an understatement. My boyfriend even had the privilege of whipping-in on the Sunday much to his delight as it was his birthday. Our hosts, Oliver and Kim Walsh were such lovely people and made us welcome and at home from the start even ‘taxi-ing’ us to their Roscommon hunt ball on the night of our arrival. The people we met on the hunts and in the pub afterwards were unforgettable and had the ‘nicest’ habits of always wanting to ‘get a round in’ before us!!! As they say in Ireland, the craic was mighty! Flowerhill itself is beautiful and we would highly recommend it. The fluffy towels, comfy bed, copious amounts of hot water and amazing views would give any fancy hotel a run for its money! This short paragraph scarcely does the experience we had justice. But in a nutshell, it is a must for any equestrian enthusiast! We really hope we can return to Flowerhill next season where we can meet up with ‘old friends’ and have the craic all over again!
Eunice Williams, USA, Feb 2009

Oliver kennels the hounds at his Flowerhill Equestrian Centre....Hounds were unboxed at Michael Dolan's farm. It was from here, at the start of the season, the hunt had a charity ride and raised over €6,000 for the local school.....Secretary Orla Healy welcomed me and everyone was very friendly....Cross country over country to die for to the next draw - a large covert of furze divided across the middle. Hounds soon found and hunted well in the thick.....the field got unsighted and went on well ahead, having lots of clean stone walls to jump....Oliver called them up and they headed off to Francis Kelly's huge furze covert of about 100 acres, negotiating lovely walls on the way. Whipping-in very actively were Kim Walshe and David Molloy....Seldom does one find these days such glorious terrain, clean stone walls and old pastures.
IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL ROSCOMMON FIELD OF DREAMS Rachel Greene, article on hunting in Ireland, 10 January 2009

Sir - We have returned from a riding and hunting break in Galway where we successfully negotiated over 200 jumps in three days and received a warm welcome from the members of the County Roscommon Hunt....They were interested in why we had travelled all the way to their part of the world and encouraged us in the challenging riding we had to tackle. Sharing a common love of countryside activities and tradition was an easy thing to do in Ireland.
HORSE & HOUND MAGAZINE - Letters page A WARM IRISH WELCOME. Carol Walker, Suffolk and Tracey Howell, Cheshire (UK), following a hunting holiday in Ireland, 27 November 2008

My friends and I visited Flowerhill and rode to hounds with the Co. Roscommon Hunt in October 2008. At Flowerhill we had the opportunity to ride cross country with Oliver Walsh, and get used to the Irish horses and countryside. We were a little nervous about our first hunt, however our horses took us safely over walls, drains and wire. We simply loved all of it! and hope to return to Ireland to hunt him again another day.
Robert Lofgren, Malmo, Sweden, following ahunting holiday in Ireland, October 2008

The 2008/2009 Co Roscommon hunting season has been launched with a cracking start! The hounds are on fire and the support from the local farmers in Roscommon ensures a great day's hunting for all. My horse, which I keep in livery at Flowerhill, is as fit and keen as a 4 year old (he's 16 years old!) and, like myself, delighted to be following hounds across the Irish countryside again.
Bernie Rushe, Loughrea, Co. Galway - Joint Master, Co Roscommon Hunt, October 2008

"Connor is a limousine of a horse out hunting. I visited Ireland to hunt with the Co. Roscommon's twice last season, and he carried me safely and surely over every ditch and drain we met. I enjoyed every single minute of it!"
Jack Nicastro, New York, following a hunting holiday in Ireland, March 2008