Dear Mr and Mrs Walsh. Thank you! The course was amazing and the horses as well. You delivered excellent cross country! It was a pleasure to be your guest. I am still smiling at "Who says Oliver don't jump". Anyway. Beyond belief, absolutly beyond belief. Love, Evelina
- Evelina Andersson, Sweden (Flowerhill Facebook page)

Hey there. What a weekend. Full of fun. as usual, and bloody excellent facilities. Thanks for all.
- Olga Levis (Flowerhill Facebook page)

Thanks for the hospitalty and fun! and the swimming lesson, its a great place!
- Andrew Cahill, Ireland (Flowerhill Facebook page)

AMAZING, TOTALLY AMAZING!...I miss it already! Came home 30 minutes ago.....Looking forward to the next time!
- Johan Wessner, Sweden, (Flowerhill Facebook page)

There's actually a place in East Galway called Flower Hill; a fellow called Oliver Walsh, he has a huge farm of land he has made up into a cross-country course with these massive big jumps, way bigger Sharon Shanon speaking about Flowerhilthan I ever did growing up. He's loads of fabulous horses and you can go out there and do the course and stay up there for a few hours. It's a fantastic place.
- Interview with Sharon Shannon, Musician, The Irish Times - Wednesday, April 7, 2010 (photo courtesy of The Irish Times)


Hello everybody, I just wanted to let everyone know that I went to Ireland this past summer to do a bit of cross-country. I stayed at Flowerhill which was amazing. I really recommend it to everybody.
- Lesley Stevenson, Event and Dressage Instructor, Charlotte, NC, (Chronicle of the Horse forum posts)

I rode at several places in Ireland, and this place was the best BY FAR ....... GREAT horses and hundreds of real x-c jumps.
- (Chronicle of the Horse Forum posts)

Oliver & Kim, Thank you so much for such a wonderful 3 days - Sun, Accordion, Hounds & Terrific fenceLicinda Green at Flowerhills - What more could we need?!
- Lucinda Green (6 times Badminton champion),Following a series of cross country horse riding master classes she gave at Flowerhill (photo courtesy of Horse & Hound)




LOVED my visit to Flowerhill! Best holiday ever! Loved the horses, people, landscape, -EVERYTHING about the place! :D Can't wait until I have the money to come again! Here in YouTube, Flowerhill has it's place among my favorites as well as movies from my own trip:D
- MariePilvard, (comment underneath Flowerhill video)

I've been to Flowerhill several times, and will keep coming back. Wonderful horses and a great atmosphere. The riding holiday of a lifetime!
- Tonjeigjen, (comment underneath Flowerhill video)

Oliver, Wow....yet another excellent holiday at Flowerhill, we truly enjoyed it, the ride outs were great, and you have that knack of knowing how to successfully stretch people so they get a tremendous sense of fun & achievement from their riding. Please give my thanks to Ted (the last Saturday morning ride out was exceptional) and please also give my regards to Kim and all the 'regulars' (in particular John Morrissey - who I have not seen for some time). ....and of course what brilliant horses, Mr Fox has already been on my list of 'great horses' for a couple of years and after the last couple of rides with him he has truly cemented that position. I hope you have a great summer season and hope to see you in the not too distant future. Best regards, John
- John Murphy, London, UK

My son also schooled XC at Flowerhill and really enjoyed the challenges there. Hope you can arrange to ride in Ireland - it's an experience of a lifetime.
- Harehound (Chronicle of the Horse forum posts)

I absolutely second Flower Hill. I had a wonderful time there and was only terrified for portions of my ride. I would recommend going and riding for a few days before you go out hunting - they'll introduce you to your horse and you'll get a feel for how Irish riding is, shall we say, bolder than what you may be used to.
- Classic Melody, (Chronicle of the Horse forum posts)

It was a technical course yet again from the course building maestro of Oliver Walsh who asked many questions & tested both Horse & rider.....It was a very enjoyable day .........Well done to all the East Galway crew & to Oliver Walsh for another fine exhibition of course building.
- East Galway Hunt website (re riding club annual national cross country championships 2010)

I'm with everyone else on Flower Hill. LOVED IT!!!
- Hopefultb, (Chronicle of the Horse forum posts)

It was a fabulous & highly successful day for the hunter trials in Flowerhill. Many thanks must go to Oliver Walsh for his genius display of course building. A technically testing course on all levels asking many questions from both horse & rider. It was fair, a really good challenge but safe..
- East Galway Hunt website, EGH Hunter Trial Results, March 21, 2010

Another vote for flowerhill. It was probably the best spent "vacation" of my life.
- EquiTerra (Chronicle of the Horse forum posts)

LOVE Flowerhill. Best place around for schooling ;) Oliver, thanks 4 d excellent course for the AIRC National Hunter Trials... :) :)
dollagal, April 09, (comment underneath Flowerhill video)

With almost 100 starters in the intermediate division, competition proved razor sharp. But the spoils went to Belinda Kelly who proved that you don't to own horse to claim a national title as the Boru's rider claimed the honours on a hired horse from Flowerhill as the Nenagh based rider crossed the line at 6'41, just one second off the target on Flowerhill Melody. Kelly said after the event, "I was way too fast in the pairs hence why I thought I had no chance in the individuals. It was a great day and we had so much fun. The course was extremely well presented and once the first couple of fences were jumped and nerves settled it was a joy to ride."
- CONNOLLY'S RED MILLS MASTERS SERIES LAUNCHED Article by David Abbott on eventing in Ireland's Horse Review, May 2009 The event was held at Flowerhill Equestrian Centre, Co Galway, Ireland

Great horses, great people, great atmosphere. Just great!!
- SputnikSteven (comment underneath Flowerhill video on

They have a huge selection of fences to suit everyone and a good range of horses. Have a ball!!
- HarveyIreland on

We went to Flowerhill last June/July, and had the absolute best equestrian experience possible. So much so that I am going back this June with some friends. If you love horses and love to jump, there is no better place. Highly recommended!!
- snakey1 on

Bought the best horse in the world from Oliver & Kim in Flowerhill. I'd trust her with my life - a perfect match. She is now breeding and everytime I go to Flowerhill I am matched with the perfect horse for me. Absolutely love the place. Every time I go, I book my next visit before I leave. Trust me - once you go, you are hooked. Wonderful horses, beautiful countryside and great people. The perfect holiday or weekend retreat for horse lovers of all levels.
- EclipseSolly (comment underneath Flowerhill video on

I've been going to Flowerhill for about 10 years now and it's the best break away from work that I know of. Great countryside, great horses and friendly people. What more could anyone ask for?
- brushe10 (comment underneath Flowerhill video on

The place was gorgeous!
- John & Erin's Ireland Vacation, (Day 9, Galway)

- mlbff4eva, YouTube, May 2008

"A blissful break from city life. I can't wait to go back"
- Tara McCourt, London, UK, following a horseback riding holiday at Flowerhill

"Flowerhill is an exceptional experience in the equestrian world in Ireland. When you arrive and are greeted by the staff there, you know in an instant that you are about to create a memory of a lifetime. From tacking up to dismounting, it is all such a glorious adventure on such fine horses, and with Oliver, the expert guide and owner of Flowerhill, at your side, you will have a safe, exciting, and grand time in this land of magic that so defines Flowerhill. If you are lucky enough to ride the precious and good horse Humphrey, that would make you golden. All the horses are very well trained, and you can be assured that your ride will be all the excitement and fun that you ever dreamed it would be! You will be, like so many of us, always wishing to return to Flowerhill. It is a mindset that you will never forget, and you will yearn to return again and is to be smitten by all the adventure and fun of riding in Ireland at its very best!"
- Doris Ward, Martha's Vineyard, USA, following a horseback riding holiday at Flowerhill