Agents If you wish you can book through our agents, with whom you get extra hours riding each day, better horses and the benefit of the agents insurance.
Sweden: HorseXplore,
Ireland and England: Far and Ride
USA: Active Travel Inc.
Italy: Audrey Catherine Martin,
England : Zaras Planet

HUNTING Programs. The Hunting season is from Early October 2019 until Early March 2020

Hunting in Flowerhill, Ireland in cooperation with ‘Carolines Countryside Guesthouse’.
Days of hunting will include Tuesdays , Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with Sundays being the day preferred by most keen hunters.
On Sundays hunting can be your choice with our own Co Roscommon hounds, The Grallagh Harriers or if preferred the Countryside Drag Hounds.
Jumping to include nice average height of 80/90cm dry stone walls (little or no ditches).
To include pre hunt xc jumping and horse selection on well seasoned hunters and also exercising the Co Roscommon hounds on horse back at Flowerhill.
Full board and transport to and from the guesthouse included.
All levels of rider catered for. Every meet will have a guide and spare horse accompanying.
Dublin airport 2 hours drive or airport bus goes to town nearby Flowerhill.
Example: 3 nights full board accommodation.
2 Flowerhill xc ride outs including hound exercise.
1 day hunting (cap fee not included)
Additional riding days available on request
Total cost 445e
Directional code H53 X6C6
To book contact: sms or call +353 87 257 0221 sms or call +353 86 151 3137
Facebook messenger Oliver Walsh (flowerhill)