Our Aim:

Our aim in Flowerhill is to teach newcomers and beginners the basic fly fishing and casting techniques, entomology, the basic history of fly fishing. We also teach different knots and fly tying (optional).This course is designed to make learning the art of fly fishing fun and easy for people of all ages. At our course ranging from 4 hours to a full day you will learn how to set up your tackle and cast properly, we will also show you which flies to use. At the end of the course we hope that everyone will catch their own trout on our fully stocked lake with brown and rainbow trout.

Course Format

Introduction: The course will start with an introduction and general explanation of rod, tackle, what to use, when, where and why. . . . . . ?

Tackle: We will then show you how to set up your tackle, lines, knots and leaders.

Casting: We will then teach you to cast safely and confidently on grass.

Entomology: A brief and basic synopsis of the life cycle of flies and insects and the time of year they appear.

Fishing: After having covered all of the above we will then move down to our trout lake which is fully stocked with 2lb-3.5lb brown and rainbow trout and using our newly learned skills we will hopefully catch a fish or two.

And Finally: If you are successful in landing a trout from our lake we can also show you the preparation and cooking this 'noble fish', (of course this is optional).

Contact: Eoin Morrissey 0870562430 or Cillian Dowling 0851032190