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Individual Prices
Cross country Time Price
Cross country: children / teenagers 1 hr €35.00
Cross country & trek: 1 - 20 jumps, novice cross country and instruction 1 hr €50.00
Advanced cross country with instruction: 40+ jumps (approx) 1hr 20 min €60.00
Summer Full days advanced cross countr Riding, 1st April to 15th September to include 2 cross countr rides and midday hack on 3 different horses , 40+ jumps (approx) 3hr 20min €160.00
Winter Full days advanced cross countr. 16th September to March 30th. Riding to include 2 cross countr rides with instruction, 40+ jumps (approx) 3hr €120.00
Trekking Adult 1 hr €30.00
Trekking Children 1 hr €25.00
Hunting Horse hire Cap
East Galway Hunt on Saturday & Tuesday €120.00 €100.00
Grallagh Harriers on Wednesday and Sunday €120.00 €100.00
Countryside Drag Hunt also on Sunday €120.00 TBC
If you wish you can book through our agents, with whom you get extra hours riding each day, better horses and the benefit of the agents insurance.
Sweden: HorseXplore,
Ireland and England: Far and Ride
Italy: Audrey Catherine Martin,
England : Zaras Planet
Exclusive Intensive Riding Programme (Tuesday Evening to Sunday Morning)
Weekend programme -(Thursday to Sunday Morning)
TEENAGER PROGRAMME (12 to 16 year olds) Seven Days
Hunting Programs. The Hunting season is from Early October 2017 until Early March 2018. Programs are tailored to each client. Contact us to arrange.