Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. It is made up of the diversity of genes, the diversity of species and the diversity of entire ecosystems. We are running a very active and successful biodiversity programme at Flowerhill, where we are encouraging the breeding, growth and development of native bird, mammal, fish, insect and plant species. Below are some examples of the wild life to be seen at Flowerhill… only have to sit still and watch. Shhh!



White tailed eagle (aka Sea Eagle).

In May 2011 we were visited by our most exciting visitor so far, Sean, a fabulous and very large White Tailed Eagle! Hatched in Norway where White Tailed eagles are common, Sean is a member of the Kerry eagle project which in 2007 started re-introducing the species to Ireland. Until 2007, White Tailed Eagles had been extinct in Ireland since about 1900. He was observed circling around his perch in an oak tree in the small wood, and fishing in the river. This famous visitor has a website all his own and you can read his autobiography here This famous visitor has a website all his own and you can read his autobiography here


On the other end of the scale in terms of size, we have had tiny nesting “flying jewels” down at the Kilcrow river for many years. The Kingfisher can be seen where we ride along the river bank , about half way through our regular cross country run.  

Little Egret

A Little Egret has been spotted in the Kilcrow river down at the back of the yard. The Little Egret was considered rare in Ireland until it first started breeding here in 1997. It has since expanded and now occurs in almost every coastal county, as well as at a number of inland sites.

Goldfinch, sparrow, robin, wagtail, swallow, swift, mute swan, heron, lapwing,pigeon, cuckoo, hooded crow, jackdaw, rook and magpies

These birds are among many of the othe bird varieties that thrive in the pesticde free environment at Flowerhill.

Duck, pheasant, partridge and guinea fowl are some of the birds on site are bought in as chicks and raised in pens to adulthood by a local game club. In the autumn we have fun watching the dozens of birds scatter right and left on the bridleways in front of the horses!


Fox, Badger,Stoat, Pine Martin, Mink, Otter


Trout, Pike


Broadleaf: Oak, Sycamore, Ash, Lime, Poplar, Horse Chestnut
Evergreen: Scots pine, Fir, Spruce