Come Hunting in Ireland

What can be better than a day's hunting in Ireland? The cry of the hounds, the sound of the hunting horn, the thrill of jumping over natural fences, and the sheer style of this equestrian sport is available to everyone at Flowerhill. Why not join us for the hunting holiday of a lifetime?

Oliver Walsh is the huntsman with the the Co. Roscommon Hunt, and the hounds are kennelled at Flowerhill Equestrian Centre in neighbouring Co. Galway. Guests are encouraged to take pre-hunting tuition on the cross country course, to learn hunting horn sounds and to assist Oliver with exercising the hounds around the Flowerhill grounds.

There are over 80 hunting clubs in Ireland and we will be delighted to arrange your hunting vacation in Ireland. You can use Flowerhill as your base while visiting hunts in the locality.

We have over 50 horses and some ponies for hunting hire, which are a cross between the solid and sensible Irish Draught and the thoroughbred. This results in a sport horse with great jumping ability, common sense and courage. All our horses are hunting veterans, who will take good care of you during your day's hunting. We take particular care to match the rider with the horse best suited to him or her, so that you feel comfortable and safe while having fun. Typically about 50 riders move off with the hounds at each hunt meet. In Co Roscommon we have great support from the farmers and local business people. They come out to follow the hunt and join in the craic (Irish word for fun and good times!) in the pub afterwards. You haven't hunted until you've hunted in Ireland!

Sunday with Co Roscommon (our own hounds ) or the Grallagh Harriers or the East Galway Draghounds
Tuesday with East Galway hounds
Wednesday either with Co Roscommon hounds or North Tipperary hounds
Thursday with the Galway Blazers ( outside horse hire )
Saturday either the East Galway hounds or North Tipperary hounds